Aligning Your Business for Success: A Blueprint for Clear Aligner Startups

Are you looking to expand your dental practice and offer new services to your patients? Or are you looking to bring your own aligner brand to the market?

Starting a clear aligner business could be a profitable and rewarding opportunity. Here’s a blueprint for success to get you started:

1.      Develop a business plan: Research the market, set goals and objectives, project financials, and outline a marketing strategy.

At Smile Genius, we have a business blueprint and strategy for helping our clients launch successfully. Learn from how we have helped so many businesses and saved crucial launch time.

2.      Choose the right clear aligner system: Consider factors such as cost, clinical support, training, and supply chain to select the right clear aligner system for your business.

Choose an aligner provider from our fast-growing partner network from US to India, we have it all covered. Every day we add more lab partners to our network so you always have a choice. If you are launching your own clear aligner system, we can also help you with our 3D printing partners and help you launch quickly.

3.      Establish your team: Hire and train a team of professionals, including orthodontists, dental assistants, and administrative staff.

Smile Genius global partner network can help you provide access to experience orthodontic services and trained technicians to help you get sorted with the resourcing

4.      Invest in technology: Purchase or lease the necessary equipment and software, such as 3D digital scanners and modelling software, to produce clear aligners in-house.

Smile Genius network helps your source the best scanners based on your budget and expectations. Once you have the scanner sorted, you are set to start using the world’s only end-to-end software out there. You focus on getting your business launched and leave the technology to the experts. We have you covered.

5.      Obtain necessary licenses and permits: Obtain any necessary licenses and permits to operate your business.

6.      Develop a marketing strategy: Develop a marketing plan to attract new patients and promote your clear aligner services.

Learn from our in-house experts on what marketing strategy and plan will work for you. Learn from the best minds and add your local flavour, deal done.

7.      Offer clear aligner treatment: Begin offering clear aligner treatment to patients and provide ongoing support and monitoring throughout the treatment process.

Don’t worry, we have you covered here as well. Our platform does everything from patient onboarding to monitoring to retention. Use our turnkey platform to launch quickly and save your software development budget for things that really matter ie marketing and lab bills.

Not only that, you can add your own branding to our platform and provide a true digital experience to your clinics and patient.

8.      Track and analyze performance: Track key performance indicators and analyze the performance of your clear aligner business to make data-driven decisions for growth and success.

Ensure higher compliance with treatments with our patient monitoring app. Save essential admin time following up with patients when you have our assistant app by your side. Give your patients a higher satisfaction of an ortho assistant by their side, all the time.

Starting a clear aligner business requires dedication, hard work, and the right resources. But with the potential for increased revenue and patient satisfaction, it can be a worthwhile investment for your dental practice.

Smile Genius lets you focus on the most important 25% pieces of your launch where we assist you with 75% of the steps. Smile Genius is not just software, it’s a clear aligner eco-system.

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