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Global Connections, Local Choices with Smile Genius

With Smile Genius, the world of clear aligners is at your fingertips. You’re no longer confined to costly or local brands. Our platform enables you to:

Seamless Onboarding with Smile Genius

Smile Genius makes the new patient onboarding process a breeze:

Effortless Treatment Planning with Smile Genius

At Smile Genius, we embrace compatibility and adaptability, streamlining your treatment process:

Efficient Treatment Monitoring with Smile Genius

Smile Genius ensures optimal patient outcomes with our innovative monitoring features:

Simplified Treatment and Payment Management with Smile Genius

Smile Genius streamlines operations with our advanced features:

Retain and Upsell Services with Smile Genius

Smile Genius makes patient retention and upselling straightforward:

Our Benefits

One platform for your clear aligner business
A single, comprehensive platform tailored for Clear Aligner practices
Launch your clear aligner business in days than months
Rapidly launch your Clear Aligner business in days rather than months
Power of cloud to scale up your operations with no limit to the number of clinics or patients
Leverage the power of cloud technology to scale up operations without limitations on clinics or patients
Choose from the most innovative global clear aligner labs and lower your costs by upto 50%
Access to the most innovative global Clear Aligner labs, potentially reducing costs by up to 50%
Appointment booking, case management, virtual consultations and more
Features such as appointment booking, case management, and virtual consultations for enhanced patient care
Remote patient monitoring app ti always stay connected with your patients
Remote patient monitoring app, allowing you to stay connected with your patients at all times
Full telehealth platform to always stay in touch with your patients
Full telehealth platform for seamless communication and ongoing support for your patients

Introducing Smile4U

Smile4U empowers clinics to personalise their branding on the clinic portal and launch their own branded patient monitoring app, improving treatment outcomes and patient compliance.

Benefits of Smile4U include:

Own branded doctor’s portal and patient monitoring app

A customized, branded doctor's portal and patient monitoring app to reinforce your business identity

Your own business monitoring app is available on Apple and Google app stores, powered buy Smile Genius

Your own business monitoring app, available on Apple and Google app stores, powered by Smile Genius
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