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Our Major Problem Statement

Currently, most doctors refer their clear aligner patients to their orthodontists, missing out on earning up to 3x more per hour. It also results in patients more or referring their clear aligner treatments either because of limited access to orthodontists or higher costs of treatments.

Many general dentists tend to refer their Clear Aligner patients to orthodontists, which can result in missed opportunities for increased revenue, as dentists could potentially earn up to 3x more per hour by offering these services themselves. Additionally, this referral approach may lead to patients postponing or skipping Clear Aligner treatments due to limited access to orthodontists or the higher costs associated with specialist care.

Smile Genius equips doctors with all the necessary tools to introduce clear aligner services into their existing practices seamlessly.

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Our Benefits

Bring your practice online in less than a day*

Using Smile Genius can significantly save chairside time while offering top-notch Clear Aligner services, enhancing your dental practice through our comprehensive platform.


Fast Performance

Earn upto 3x more per hour

Time Saving

Reduce chair time by 2-3 hours per week

Cost Cutting

Choose from the most innovative global clear aligner labs and lower your costs by upto 50%

Best Features

Appointment booking, case management, virtual consultations and more

Patient Monitoring App

Remote patient monitoring app

Tele Support

Full telehealth platform to always stay in touch with your patients

Introducing Smile4U

Smile4U empowers clinics to personalize their branding on the clinic portal and launch their own branded patient monitoring app, improving treatment outcomes and patient compliance.

Introducing Smile4U, an innovative feature of Smile Genius that enables you to personalize your branding across the doctor portal and patient monitoring app.

Benefits of Smile4U include:

A customized, branded doctor's portal and patient monitoring app to reinforce your business identity

Your own business monitoring app, available on Apple and Google app stores, powered by Smile Genius

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